Tamil Lyricist Shares Photos Of Chicken Pieces In His Vegetarian Dish, Slams Swiggy


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Picture shows pieces of chicken in a vegetarian meal.

Videos and photos of people finding insects in the food they ordered or restaurants preparing delicacies in unsanitary conditions have been widely shared on social media. But now, a man has claimed on Twitter that he found pieces of chicken in his vegetarian meal he ordered on Swiggy.

Ko Sesha, a Tamil Lyricist named, even posted a photo of the chicken pieces along with his order receipt.

Mr Sesha said he has been a strict vegetarian all his life and slammed the food delivery company for “casually trying to bury my values” by offering a refund of Rs 70.

“Found pieces of chicken meat in the “Gobi Manchurian with Corn Fried Rice” that i ordered on @Swiggy from the @tbc_india. What’s worse was Swiggy customer care offered me a compensation of Rs. 70 (!!!) for offending my religious sentiments,” he wrote while sharing the post.

The viral post received over 600 likes and 200 re-tweets since being shared.

He also demanded that a Swiggy representative, no lesser than the state head call him personally and make an apology because he also reserves his rights to a legal remedy.

Many users supported him, others questioned why he placed the order from a non-vegetarian restaurant.

“I don’t know if you chose a veg restaurant while ordering. If not, there is no point in complaining,” wrote a user.

Another said, “Sue them for punitive damages. You have a very strong case, given they have admitted their mistake when they offered compensation.”

“Pure vegetarian tasted non vegetarian. Even if you sue, case won’t be reverted. So let it go is good, treating this as a lesson,” wrote a third user.

According to his Twitter bio, apart from being a Tamil lyricist, Ko Sesha is a writer-director, an actor and an entrepreneur too.

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