On Camera, Cellphone Battery Explodes In Flames


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The phone’s battery was seen going up in flames


Hair-raising footage shows the moment a mobile phone’s battery exploded into flames while a worker was repairing the device. The incident took place at a repair shop, called Bunty Mobile Shop, in Madhya Pradesh’s Balaghat district.

The worker was repairing the phone when a loud blast occurred. The next moment, the phone’s battery was seen going up in flames, sending the worker scrambling to get it out of the way.

The video shows the worker, who was chatting with a customer while trying to work the phone, drop it on the shop counter. He then uses his bare hands to knock it off the shop.

“As I was trying to repair the phone, the battery exploded. I did not suffer any loss as I threw it out the moment it happened,” said Bunty, the shop owner, explaining the what happened.

The shop owner also had a word of advice for his customers.

“As soon as you notice any swollenness in your phone, please get it checked at a shop so that what happened with me may not happen to you,” he added.

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